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Describing Grove Hall

Greater Grove Hall is an emerging neighborhood. Those with savvy insight see opportunities ranging from real estate to retail in this community’s pre-renaissance state.  From a retail perspective, many features of the Grove Hall area not only serve the local neighborhood but act as destinations for those outside of the community. People come into the area to go to the Mecca Mall, where they can get a cup of coffee, shop for groceries, and clothes, get prescriptions filled, and bank. They attend functions at Prince Hall Masonic Lodge, the various houses of worship, play golf, visit the park, zoo, and the museum, or come to the area to watch a parade or enjoy a festival. Franklin Park receives over a million visits per year. The business potential is amazing as the traffic count within a mile of the heart of the business district rangers from a low of 10,000 cars on some roads to a high of over 43,000 cars per day on other thoroughfares.

Greater Grove Hall has everything one needs such as its own full-service grocery store, (Stop n Shop), drug store, (CVS), bank, Bank of America and One United.  It has a park (Franklin Park), which is part of the Emerald Necklace, designed by the famous landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted who also designed central park in New York. The Franklin Park Coalition provides a wide range of programing for the largest and most spectacular open space in Boston. Visitors and residents can enjoy an eighteen hole golf course. Families near and far have access to the largest Zoo in the region that also has one of the largest playgrounds in the area. In addition to the Franklin Park and the zoo, Grove Hall has excellent amenities for children including a modern library, community center, YMCA, and many local youth serving organizations.

Statistically, Grove Hall is one of the most ethnically diverse communities in the city. Those who enjoy diversity will appreciate the various cultural parades and festivals that go through Grove Hall or take place in the park.  Blue Hill Avenue provides an opportunity for people to sample a range of foods from around the world, with Dominican and Jamaican being the most common. The Greater Grove Hall neighborhood also has a wide range of houses of worship that provides opportunities for a range of religious expression, and a place for various ethnic groups to fellowship.

On the Fairmount Line, residents can get to downtown Boston and be only steps away from the financial district in just 15 minutes. Public transportation along Blue Hill Avenue makes it easy to get to North South hubs in Dudley and Mattapan Square. Those with a car have easy access to nearby arteries such as the expressway. The location of Grove Hall is not only near the geographic center of Boston, it is also Boston’s highest natural elevation, providing some with great views of the city.

Grove Hall has roots in American history with landmarks from Paul Revere, Prince Hall and Malcom X in the community. Grove Hall has its own art museum, the National Center of Afro-American Artists and historical artifacts can be found in the Price Hall Masonic Lodge.

Recruitment Services

There is an art and science of helping business owners identify the right location in the urban area. Grove Hall Main Streets has the resources to help you find the right location for your business. We provide a range of services to help you.

Services to help:

Property owners and/or tenants close deals in urban areas to increase neighborhood vibrancy.

A client through the entire life cycle of a project from conceptualization, market analysis, design, development, leasing and property management. From strategy to execution.

Find tenants, identify potential types of businesses and/or finding actual tenants.

  • Those from outside of the area looking to expand.

           – Franchises, chains, international

  • Those from the area looking for their next location

Tenants find the right fit

  • Educating on key terms, using a lawyer,
  • Understanding the financials, e.g. adding build out cost, ongoing operations cost, etc.
  • Finding investors/development partners
  • Identifying relevant programs e.g. ReStore, Retail Visioning

Find someone to help develop a business plan for the property

  • Market their property
  • Manage their property
  • Find investors
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