Why Grove Hall

Why Grove Hall is ideal for locating a business

  1. Low “Leakage” – The residents of Grove Hall shop in Grove Hall, they spend the least amount outside of the Greater Grove Hall area when compared to the other main street districts. Forty-Six percent of the residents don’t have a car, so it is easier for them to shop local.
  2. Recurring Visits – the Grove Hall area includes two banks, a large national grocery store, a national drug store, and clothing store along with a national coffee franchise. These businesses bring people to the district on a regular basis.
  3. Visitors – there are many destinations within Grove Hall that attracts outside visitors such as the Zoo, golf course, and park. The William Reed Auditorium also attracts visitors to its concerns and conventions. Historical sites also brings and cultural attractions such as the National Center for African American Artists also attracts visitors from outside of the area.
  4. Commuters – there are a significant number of commuters who pass through Grove Hall on a daily basis getting to and from work. As a result of the various factors, there are between 10,000 and 40,000 cars that pass through Grove Hall on a daily basis.
  5. Population Density – The Grove Hall area has a very high income per acre at $574,000.
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