Zoning & Permitting

Zoning & Permitting

Experienced staff are available to assist businesses with obtaining the necessary licensing and permits
to open or expand their businesses. One such valuable resource is the Inspectional Services Department’s Zoning Clinic.

The Zoning Clinic creates a customer-friendly atmosphere where anybody trying to navigate through the zoning process has a one-on-one, 15-minute session to discuss general or specific zoning questions. The zoning clinic covers commercial issues such as increasing occupancy loads, signage, take-out restaurant use, offices, home business uses, and more. The clinic takes place every Tuesday from 9:00 am-noon at Plans and Zoning, Counter Two, Boston Inspectional Services, 1010 Massachusetts Avenue 5th floor.

Zoning Check

Zoning Check allows business owners to see where specific uses are allowed by the zoning code by answering just a few short questions.

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