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Retail Visioning helps retailers, restaurateurs and other storefront business owners create attractive environments that work hard to help provide a great customer experience.  Retail Visioning also helps business owners create compelling marketing and promotional efforts. Whether in social media, in print, in your customer service or in your shop… the power of presentation is key to your success.

The Retail Visioning technical assistance is provided by Christine Moynihan. Christine Moynihan has been involved in retail marketing and store design for over 15 years. She was Vice President of Brand Marketing for Clarks where she created marketing and visual merchandising programs to promote the brand in over 3000 independent retail stores across the US.  Later, as VP of Retail Marketing for Clarks she led the team that launched Clarks company stores, first with a concept store in Faneuil Marketplace, then with a flagship store at Mall of America, ultimately opening 15 Clarks stores within 18 months.

Since 2000 Chris has consulted for a wide variety of retail businesses from bakeries to boutiques, cafes to convenient stores, salons to saloons! In addition to advising individual clients, Chris co-founded an educational program in 2002 called Best Retail Practices. This program advises retailers, restaurant owners and store front service businesses on store design and retail marketing. To date, she has helped over 300 retailers move well beyond surviving — to thriving.

Now, Chris is bringing all of her experience together to help retailers and downtown business districts everywhere with workshops, workbooks, online courses and one on one consulting through her new business, Retail Visioning.

Through Retail Visioning Chris hopes to help retailers learn how to be the best they can be – for themselves and their communities!

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